Jun 21, 2009

Nobuhiro Yamashita chasing the undead

めちゃ怖 vol.2/恐怖!「心霊スポット十連発」
Mecha Kowa Vol.2 Kyufu! Shinrei Supot 10 Renpatsu

A "documentary" by Yamashita, starring himself, and produced for an outlet of the japanaese AV-giant Soft on Demand. It's part two of the series Mecha kowa.

And while I'm at it, this comes directly from a source very closely associated with Yamashita:
His next or one of his next projects could be a serious film about student insurgencies (Zengakuren?).

Also, check Mikkovisto. He put up some information about the lesser known Yamashita movies.

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Mikko said...

I didn't realize this was directed by Yamashita (I thought he was only featured as actor). Thanks for heads up.

There seems to be three of these films (the 3rd one will be released in dvd next month).