Jul 29, 2009

mixi Tales

◎ Plz Read This ◎

welcome international homies but if u wanna
pick up babes don add me n don ask me number
like nampa bcz ill neva talk to net.playa
so plz don call me uz shawty or baby like eazy breazy
i aint like a popsta so plz stop bein so pesky
or my uncle jackie knock ya head out


cuz my job is $howGirl aint like ageha galz
n me aint ya mis.onlinenet sho u off nude pix
i have no time to talk to unknowns n ungrowns
n h8z watevaz so good bye thx plz get new one period


was born in geisha house whr the real one living
proud of my mom n my fam n the story of er way

Jul 28, 2009


Naoto Yamakawa (山川直人)

New Morning of Billy the Kid
「ビリィ★ザ★キッドの新しい夜明け」 (1986)
aka NEW KID 21

SO WHAT (1988)

Jul 26, 2009

Fossilized Wilderness 「化石の荒野」 - 1982

Kaseki no Kouya
D: Yasuharu Hasebe

Hatsumi Shibata

Toki woooo kakeru shoujoooo

Tomoyo Harada - Toki wo kakeru shoujo

Jul 18, 2009


Interior - Interior (1982)

Giant Steps (produced by Haruomi Hosono)

Jul 15, 2009

Jul 14, 2009

Buy this.

Yoshihiro Tatsumi - A Drifting Life
Thx to kurutta

Jul 10, 2009

Room Raiders

Anybody recognizes the movie posters on the last page?

Jul 8, 2009

Ink Music: In the Land of the Hundred-Tongued Lyricist

Chris Mosdell - Wiki
Official website
Mosdell’s prowess on the page brought to the forefront of Japanese culture the idea of Tokyo as the “Technopolis” – the “solid state society” depicted in anime classics like Ghost in the Shell; the “neuromantic” future forecasted on the other side of the pond by Blade Runner and The Matrix. His imaginative vision of a society integrated within the chip-set accurately gauged where video game culture and manga comic books would eventually manifest for a culture bent on frenetic electrification. His words, coupled with the innovative electronic sounds of techno-pop pioneers YMO, helped crystallize in the 1980s images of a radical new world that has become as common and familiar to us in the 21st Century as the iPod or the flat panel.

Jul 7, 2009

80s CM

Possible Obayashi?


Two more music videos by Nobuhiko Obayashi

Kaori Sakagami - Race no Cardigan 「レースのカーディガン」

Kaori Sakagami - PRIVACY

Jul 4, 2009

Nobuhiko Obayashi x Yukihiro Takahashi

Turns out Obayashi is responsible for Yukihiro Takahashi's 1985 video tape A Fragment 「ア・フラグメント」. Takahashi also starred in Obayashi's April Fish 「四月の魚」 of the same year, as you can see in the Poisson d'avril video below, which has a couple of shots of Obayashi himself.