Jul 29, 2009

mixi Tales

◎ Plz Read This ◎

welcome international homies but if u wanna
pick up babes don add me n don ask me number
like nampa bcz ill neva talk to net.playa
so plz don call me uz shawty or baby like eazy breazy
i aint like a popsta so plz stop bein so pesky
or my uncle jackie knock ya head out


cuz my job is $howGirl aint like ageha galz
n me aint ya mis.onlinenet sho u off nude pix
i have no time to talk to unknowns n ungrowns
n h8z watevaz so good bye thx plz get new one period


was born in geisha house whr the real one living
proud of my mom n my fam n the story of er way

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