Jul 8, 2009

Ink Music: In the Land of the Hundred-Tongued Lyricist

Chris Mosdell - Wiki
Official website
Mosdell’s prowess on the page brought to the forefront of Japanese culture the idea of Tokyo as the “Technopolis” – the “solid state society” depicted in anime classics like Ghost in the Shell; the “neuromantic” future forecasted on the other side of the pond by Blade Runner and The Matrix. His imaginative vision of a society integrated within the chip-set accurately gauged where video game culture and manga comic books would eventually manifest for a culture bent on frenetic electrification. His words, coupled with the innovative electronic sounds of techno-pop pioneers YMO, helped crystallize in the 1980s images of a radical new world that has become as common and familiar to us in the 21st Century as the iPod or the flat panel.

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