Jun 20, 2010

Toshiki Kadomatsu (角松敏生) & 「Nineteen19」

I must change my life & love for me
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 Nineteen19 (1990) - D: Koichi Chigira
 A super stylish 80s OVA from Madhouse that I recommend, not only because it's a peak in Bubbleploitation (©), but also a very solid romance without a happy end. It's not hard to find online.


Nakore said...

I haven't heard anything off Before The Daylight, but as far as Toshiki Kadomatsu albums go, Gold Digger is pretty bangin'. After 5 Clash is another funky mid-80s record of his.

I'll have to check out Nineteen19 though. Thanks for posting!

megane-kun said...

"Bubbleploitation"! +15 mana points for you!
I'm going to steal you this word and never pay the copyrights!
Seriously, i should track this anime. Have you ever seen the drama 'danjo shichinin natsu monogatari'? It seems to be a pure 'bubbleploitation' product too.

Meganekun, puzzle bubble.

rokudenashi said...


Never heard of that drama.
Is it floating around the net?

megane-kun said...

Hmm i don't know if it's on the net.. I haven't seen the whole thing though, just a couple of episodes. It was great just for the 'we're so rich we wear ugly expensive clothes' thing.
Anyway, still haven't found Nineteen19..

rokudenashi said...


-> http://www.animeclassicreviews.com/2007/08/nineteen19-1990.html

megane-kun said...

thanks! i was expecting a little bit more i think... but the soundtrack and general mood is great indeed. More 90's anime!

meganekun, simply otaku.

Rah said...

Great track. Really similar to Chaka Khan's "What'cha Gonna Do For Me".